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Full Membership Associate Membership August Only
$400.00 Refundable Bond
& $650.00 Yearly Dues
$850.00 Dues $250.00 Dues
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Family Membership: A family membership shall include the head of the household and up to 5 additional individuals (for a total of 6 individuals) who are legally related to the head of household or spouse. Additional charges will apply for more than 6 individuals on a family membership (Article III, Sec. 2a). The primary home of each individual on the membership must be the home of the head of the household. Guests, child care providers, out of town visitors and relatives are welcome, but are not included in the membership. Please check with the Membership Director for rules covering these cases.Violation of this policy can result in termination of membership and loss of bond. highlighted = Required Field 

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Payment of the Membership Bond Fee as of 2024

The current Bond Fee of $400.00 can be paid in full after the acceptance of this application, or the applicant(s) can select one of the two extended payment plans for the fulfillment of the bond payment.

Bond Payment Plans
  1. Payment in Full: A single payment of $650.00 submitted after the acceptance of this application. (The entire amount is refundable according to RHSC Bylaws and Operational Procedures.)
  2. Summer Payment Plan: You may pay your bond in installments if you choose. The first payment of $200 is due with the acceptance of this application. A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed for payments received after April 15. Membership is subject to termination for non-payment on opening day.

After full payment is received, the entire bond amount is refundable according to the RHSC Bylaws and Operational Procedures. If a member resigns from RHSC before full payment of the bond is received, the member acknowledges that the bond will be forfeited, and no refund is available.

REFUND POLICY: The amount paid for the bond is fully refundable when a member resigns, less any outstanding fees owed RHSC. A member must resign by April 15th to receive all remaining bond owed. According to the Rolling Hills Swim Club By-laws (Article III, Sec. 9), there may be a delay in re-funding a bond if the membership of RHSC is below the maximum membership. Additionally, if member does not pay the annual Membership Fee, the membership and bond refund will be forfeit.The full By-laws can be found on our website at "".

Please acknowledge that you have read the following excerpts from the Bylaws

"Section 9: A member may resign from the Corporation at any time provided that such member submits a resignation in writing, includinghis/her membership number for cancellation, to the Board. Annualdues must be paid by the required date for the current operating year until the written resignation has been submitted. Refunds of dues already paid are covered in Section 1 of Article V. The Full Membership Bond of members with full membership will be refunded according to Section 13 of Article III. A member with full membership who resigns thereby cancelshis/her membership, renounces all claim upon the Corporation, and is no longer eligible to vote."

"Section 13: Upon approval by the Board, the Corporation shall refund to a member whose membership has been canceled for any reason, that member's Full Membership Bond,if a full member,and a portion of the annual dues as determined under Section 1 of Article V, after deducting all indebtedness to the Corporation, with the following provisos:

  1. The Board may require that the membership vacancy created by this cancellation be filled prior to the refund.
  2. No Full Membership Bond shall be redeemed if the Board determines to do so may cause the Corporation to become insolvent or may place the Corporation in a precarious financial position.
  3. In the absence of information to the contrary, the refund will normally be made to the person or persons reflected in the Corporation's membership database. If there is some question as to whom the payment should be made because of changes in family status, the refund will be made, in priority, to the spouse remaining in the residence, or to the persons named in Corporations membership database."
I acknowledge that I have read over this agreement and agree to its terms and conditions for the payment of the member bond fee using a payment plan selected and that they understand the ByLaws governing bond refunds. The applicant(s) hereby agree that, if accepted for membership in the Rolling Hills Swim Club, Inc. he/she will abide by the Rules, Regulations and Bylaws of the club.

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